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ByteTrade Lab and UC Berkeley Partner on Web 3.0

Partnership to focus on projects enabling the decentralized web and DeFi

SINGAPORE, April 24, 2023 – ByteTrade Lab (“ByteTrade” or the “Company”), infrastructure provider for the decentralized and user-controlled web, and The University of California Berkeley (“UC Berkeley”) DeFi Research Initiative today announced a multi-year industrial partnership to jointly develop advanced decentralized computing and identification technologies. 

The partnership combines ByteTrade’s commercial expertise with UC Berkeley’s academic resources, with the goal of accelerating Web3 technologies that can transform how users interact with the internet and financial services.

ByteTrade Labs CEO Dr. Lucas Lu said: “We are excited to partner with Berkeley’s renowned faculty and supremely talented students on building Web3 infrastructure. Our work together will use ByteTrade’s proprietary operating system tech to power projects in decentralized ID, decentralized privacy, and more.”

Dr. Allen Y. Yang, Founding Executive Director of Berkeley FHL Vive Center for Enhanced Reality and the Defi Research Initiative said: “The exponential growth of new technologies such as Web3 has offered opportunities for academia to innovate and also closely tap on the pulse of the industry on its most significant challenges. We are thrilled to bring this partnership with ByteTrade to Berkeley to continue this tradition in technology innovation. I believe the new Web3 computing infrastructure will onboard many suitable research programs to demonstrate its future efficacy and the importance on data privacy.”

ByteTrade was founded in 2022 to enable users to own their data again. To this end, Bytetrade plans to release a Web3 OS in 2023 that uses decentralized edge computing architecture to concurrently solve the consumer data storage, data privacy, and data-sharing bottlenecks, giving end users full control of their own private data.

The DeFi Research Initiative at UC Berkeley was founded in 2021 to promote research and education programs in the intersection of AI, Metaverse, and decentralized technologies such as public blockchains and smart contracts. We believe decentralized technologies will lay the groundwork for connecting the crucial human elements with future metaverse applications.


ByteTrade Lab is inventing the infrastructure to decentralize internet application and protocol layer for developers and users, ushering in a new internet paradigm that achieves the full Web 3.0 value proposition. ByteTrade’s innovative Web3.0 Operating System-Terminus OS, running atop a network of decentralized personal servers protected by personal private key, will build a new decentralized internet to empower users in controlling their own data and services. The company is backed by Susquehanna International Group (SIG)’s Asia Venture Capital Fund, and leading institutional investors including INCE Capital, BAI Capital, Sky9 Capital, BlueRun and PWC with a $50mil USD A round financing. For more on ByeTrade Lab’s vision and road ahead, please visit and follow on Twitter at @BytetradeLab.


Connecting the world of individuals and businesses in fully decentralized and trustless fashion has generated tremendous excitement to develop new solutions in the blockchain and DeFi space. Berkeley Defi Research Initiative aims to support the long-term growth of blockchain and DeFi technologies and applications by offering our expertise to create new education and degree programs for motivated students; promote cross-disciplinary research to address urgent technology bottlenecks and provide a Berkeley platform for academic and industrial partners to collaborate. Together, we can shape our society in a digital world that is more immersive, more connected, and more fair. For more information on Berkeley DeFi Research Initiative, please visit

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